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Love Yourself More Than Food


Colleen Phillips, Ph.D. has been helping people lose weight and feel good through proper nutrition and diet since 1984.


Colleen custom designs each patient's diet plan, which allows you to include some of your favorite foods in your personalized plan.


Preferably your weight loss should be monitored on a weekly basis or according to your own schedule. We keep track of your weight loss, your blood pressure and your pulse every time you visit our facility. Meetings are one on one and weekly Vitamin B-12 injections/supplements are offered at no additional cost.


During your first visit you will receive a free consultation with our nutritionist Colleen Phillips and / or one of our caring nurses.


The program will be explained to you in detail and any questions you may have will be addressed at this time. Once you decide to start the program, you will see one of our Board Certified physicians for a medical and physical exam. The physician will then determine your overall health and if you qualify (98% of our patients do qualify) you will be able to begin taking our SAFE, FDA APPROVED DIET MEDICATION.


We also do a blood test to check your Triglycerides and Blood Sugar as well as other tests that might be ordered by the physician. This procedure is repeated annually.


- Private Meeting with nurse or nutritionist

- Weight Loss monitoring

- Blood Pressure monitoring

- Vitamin B-12 Injections/Supplements to give you extra energy and enhanced well-being


Our easy-to-follow plan will help you lose unwanted pounds and modify any unhealthy eating habits.

We will be happy to address any questions in English and in Spanish.


Once our physician completes the medical exam and you're approved, you will be prescribed SAFE, FDA APPROVED MEDICATION.

The medication will help increase the metabolism and decrease hunger, making it easier to lose weight.

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly packages are available for purchase.


- Vitamin B-12 Injections/Supplements free of charge for our existing patients

- Energy Tab, a Multi-Vitamin & Mineral available for purchase at a low price.

To learn more about our

Diet Program

please call us at 818-346-9600


or visit for details.

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